Cara Mengukur Jarak dan Menghitung Luas Area dengan Google MAP

Measure distance and area

With My Maps, you can measure the distance of a line or the area within a shape. For example, see the distance of a flight path across America.

Measure distance or area
  1. Open your map in My Maps.
  2. Click the measurement icon on the toolbar.
  3. Move the “+” cursor to the starting point, then click once.
  4. Click at each point of your line or shape. 
  5. To pan or move the map, click and hold the mouse, and then move your cursor.
  6. To stop measuring, double click the last point for a line or click the starting point once for a shape.
  7. Your distance will appear highlighted in blue on the map. If it's a shape, you'll also see the area.

Units of measurement
Measurements appear in either the English or metric system, depending on your country. The unit of measure you see depends on the zoom level of the map:
  • If zoomed in, you’ll see feet (ft)/square feet (sq ft) or meters (m)/square meters (sq m).
  • If zoomed out, you’ll see miles (m)/square miles (sq m) or kilometers (km)/square kilometers (sq km).
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