Celebrating Eid in the UK

Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting where Muslims become more charitable and forgive each other. This holy month of fasting helps reinstate Muslims in becoming more charitable, patient and God-conscious. Muslims exchange gifts, and children are spoilt with gifts by family, relatives and friends on Eid. Sweets are sent to neighbours, phone-calls are made to distant friends and family. The day is filled with love, joy and excitement.

Weeks prior to Eid ul-Fitr Muslims prepare themselves, gifts are bought weeks before Eid to avoid disappointment, new party clothes are prepared and tickets for events reserved. As the day gets closer to Eid, the excitement builds. And while everyone may not lead a luxurious lifestyle, there isn’t a single Muslim that does not make an effort to ensure that Eid ul-Fitr is a day of celebration and festivity.

This special festival begins early in the morning. Food is prepared, sometimes a banquet, and in certain cultures this can be as early as 7 am. The lovely scent of aromatic food is bound to awaken your senses without the alarm going off, sometimes children are so excited that they don’t get enough sleep during the night. British Muslims in The United Kingdom will be celebrating Eid today. Mosques will be filled with women, men and children early in the morning for congregational celebratory prayers. After-which people will congratulate each other, exchange sweets and hugs prior to returning to their homes for a family gathering.

What is remarkable in any given Mosque around The United Kingdom is the diversity of the Muslim community. Some people come to the Mosque in their traditional luxurious clothing, and once you enter the Mosque you will get a profound sense of the diversity, love and excitement. It is with great enthusiasm, hope and spirit that Muslims look forward to the rest of their year after Ramadan, having abstained from food during daylight and indulged in self-reflection during night.

Eid Mubarak !
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