Canned Bandeng Rawe is a Solution for Offshored People

one of  three canned Bandeng Rawe varians 

Imagine if you're at offshore or out of sea, whether you're a fisherman or on a sailing vacation. Both of these activities will go on for many days, weeks, or even months. With no means of communications, they set some limits on your daily life basis, such as food restrictions. You're restricted to canned foods, and you might consume less dan normal per day.

Bandeng Rawe promotes its special canned chili sauce especially to those offshore and wanting a little bit more taste out of their foods they consume - which can be most of the time, if not canned foods - fish. Bandeng Rawe is promoting canned Bandeng fish with three distinctive spice elements dedicated to fill your hunger.

A Bandeng fish has a rich nutritious content compared to canned sardines. In addition, Bandeng fishes have an attention, not just popular in regions such as South East Asia, but also reach out to any fisherman in the world.

The additional spicy taste leaves a feeling of satisfaction and wanting for more.

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