Free a T-shirt for Anyone from www.Balilondon.ID and www.Yogya.WIN

Yes... you read it right.

At BaliLondon.ID and Yogya.WIN we are excited to bring bright news to all our readers and reviewers.

From today until the 31st of August, we are giving away one T-shirt to anyone that joins, follows and publishes 30 Posting in the Social Media, ie facebook, Twitter, Path, Line, Whatsapp, Linkedln, etc. *

Yes. This is your time to win an Awesome T-shirt by August 31st, 2016!

 How cool is that, right?

This is a brand new 2016 promotion and we have created a page to explain to you, the whole process.

To find out more visit:

At Delfa's Group (BaliLondon.ID and Yogya.WIN), we are excited to see you on board...

* Like any promotion: Please be sure to read the terms and conditions on our site ;)

Warmer Regards,
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